January 13, 2019

Best Juicer for Greens | Buyer’s Guide 2019

A juicer for green is equipment which is used for the extraction of juice from different fruits, green vegetables and other herbs through a process known as juicing. Its function is to grind or crush pulps of different fruits and vegetables to extract juice from them. It is the one stunning system which gives a juice of any edible things that are grown under the sun and is skinny and leafy and also you are interested in making the extract of it.

It is not used for making juice of things like apple and carrot, it is used for those tiny leafy things whose juice is difficult to extract from them. This juicer for greens is not cheaper as the simple grinders it consists of a strong masticator which makes the juice of even the thinnest thing without the breakdown of its vitamins and enzymes.

For ordinary juicers, it is hard to extract juice from thin leafy greens and sometimes these leaves can tackle in the grinder does not give you the best results. In this situation masticating juicers are one of the best options which can take out every single drop of the juice from the greens and after completing extraction release the extra pulps and waste material through other outlets. This can provide you with a pure extraction of the greens.

Why Green Leafy Juice is Essential

Drinking at least one glass of green juice daily gives absolute benefits to your body. It can do a favor to your health, weight loss and beauty because of the advantage of green vegetables that they are the perfect food for regeneration, growth and healing of the body.

  • Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, including vitamins like C and E which aid the healthy skin.
  • Antioxidant removes harmful toxins from skin and prevents it from sun damage.
  • Prevent dehydration of body.
  • Enriched in nutrients, provide all essential nutrients for better growth of the human.
  • Contains vitamin K12 which boost up the energy of a body.
  • Beneficial for weight loss because it contains 0% fats and fatty material.
  • Also fast the metabolic processes of a body to help in weight loss easily.
  • Green leafy juice is an essential source of all required amino acids.
  • Can also prevent cold.
  • Brittle your nails and skin.
  • Minerals and vitamins necessary for overall growth are provided by green juice.

Key Features

While buying a juicer for green to ensure your perfect health numerous features of the juicers should be kept in consideration. Following features should be checked very carefully.

1.Type of Juicer

While looking for a juicer for greens note that your juicer should be masticating not centrifugal because

  • Blades of centrifugal juicer rotate at very high speed.
  • Not efficient for juicing of tiny green leaves though they are fast and easy to handle.
  • Centrifugal juicers are used generally for extraction of juice out of pulps, not leaves.
  • Tiny leaves have to be pressed in a juicer which is done best by masticating juicers.
  • Centrifugal juicer may just fly the leaves.

2.Juicing speed

Generally, masticating juicers are low-velocity juicers. Except noise, there are many advantages of this low speed of the juicer.

  • Low speed will give high nutritional value to juice.
  • High speed can destroy structure of enzymes and proteins while low speed cannot do so.
  • Prevent oxidation of compounds of green leaves.
  • Stop heat production during juicing process.


Masticating juicers makes use of a slow juicing manner yet produce less modularly while doing so, which is one of the predominant reasons why they are convenient to clean. While thinking about the comfort of cleaning for the juicers, you have to additionally keep of idea happiness about assembling yet disassembling.

Because concerning the path they are designed, near masticating juicers are convenient to take aside for wash while cleansing centrifugal juicers execute receive pretty half time.

Most of the juicer for greens is also dishwasher protected and if you bear an eager schedule, you may keep a lot on time through not limb overflowing to them and simply popping them within the dishwasher. If thy juicer comes together with extra accessories, afterward we advocate purchasing a cleansing paint brush in imitation of tidy the screen properly.

4.Price and Warranty

The prices of a juices range between $200 to $1000.its price mostly depend upon

  • Durability
  • Material quality
  • Number of features included

Warranty of masticating juicers is generally very long usually 10-15 years. Also because of this reason they are expensive than ordinary blenders.

5.Durability and Build

The durability of the juicer depends greatly upon the material from which it is made. They can be made up of plastic, stainless steel or even of carbon material.

I will prefer a juicer of metal over the plastic because metallic material is very sturdy and of long term usage and plastic is not that much durable and also it contains some chemicals which are harmful to the health of human being.

stainless metal juicers are typically about the greater stop of the price measure and if you need something up to expectation is over an honest characteristic and is additionally price fine after you do find certain together with a ceramic exotic and plastic finishing. A hard and durable masticating juicer will also be capable to power via more difficult vegetables, construction that a huge juicer for carrots.

How to Choose Right Juicer

If you’ve simply begun juicing, such won’t take long earlier than you discover outdoors to that amount special juicers are needed because of special purposes. One of the most essential selections, when it comes after juicing, is in imitation of determining out the appropriate juicer.

The best juicer for some person’s wants would possibly not stand unerring for your personal food regimen plan. Every type about juicer comes including advantages than drawbacks, or condition you’re current to be work together with detailed greens after you bear a number of preferences in accordance with considering. Some juicers cut fruit and greens between small pieces or utilize a profound machine to spin the juice outdoors concerning the pieces. The design concerning the juicer is clearly important.

When health lovers tried juicing prolix greens, the traditional juicers did horrible employment at it. So, designers upped their sport, therefore, juicers for greens could optimally juice full of new leaves greens. This difference turns into crystal colorful so you appear at masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers.

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