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5pcs color smoke bomb for a birthday celebration- 25 seconds lasting time

  • Item name: 5pcs color smoke bomb
  • Item Type: Birthday celebration 
  • Quality: High-Quality 
  • Size:  5 inches
  • Smoke Time: 5pcs 25 seconds 
  • Quality: Inflammable by Match Stick
  • Storage: Keep it in moisture, Avoid heat and sun
  • Colors: Orange, yellow, green, and purple
  • Usage: Photography, Weddings, Celebrations, Party, and birthdays

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Add vibrant colors to your special event with the 5pcs color smoke bomb. They are premium color smoke bombs available in a variety of colors. You are free to make your choice.

Size and time:

Each tube is 5 inches long, and the maximum blowing time is 25 seconds for each component.

Potential usage:

It is quite simple to use. Simply use a match and ignite the tube’s top. The smoke will begin to blow immediately upon proper ignition

Ultra-safe for health:

These Coloured Smokes are absolutely safe for the skin and completely harmless. It never poisons or damages the respiratory system.

No stains:

The color smoke bombs don’t have any stains on them. This won’t damage or make any stain on your dress. 

In the packet:

You will receive 5 pieces of premium-colored smoke in the colors orange, yellow, green, and purple. The smoke bomb is simple to use and has beautiful colors.


It can be utilized for a variety of occasions, including gender reveal parties,  celebrations, youth color battles, farewells, photoshoots, festivals, weddings, and TikTok photo and video shoots. Once you try it, you’ll always want to use colored smoke to decorate every occasion.


You might find the actual color of the product delivered slightly different from what is shown in the pictures because there is a possible difference between screens due to the impact of photographic lighting and filters.