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Happify EShop
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The Shop of Happiness


Happify shop is an e-commerce marketplace and a servitor with a motive of creating an ease and comfort for customers to have happy and convenient online purchase experience.  Launched in 2017, Happify Shop is a platform where people can buy, showcase and sell their products conveniently. At Happify Shop we educate and train people on e-commerce and digital skills to create digital employments especially for youth so that they are economically empowered. Handicrafts and camping are two of our major featured products whereas now we are expanding our portfolio to other products as well by linking our product categories to the high-quality products availability in Peshawar market especially in Karkhano market to deliver these products as need by our customers at their doorstep.

Our featured products are designed by men and women who don’t have the knowledge and resources to properly promote their products due less market exposure whereas these products are high in demand across Pakistan. Happify Shop aims at bridging the gap between the local consumers and the unprivileged people so that they can play their role in uplifting the community which is suffering from financial disparities. Currently, 15-20 female from different rural areas of Pakistan are working with us at Happify Shop making these products to be delivered to the customers. We ensure quality in our products so that we are able to create value both for artisans and for the customers.

Hey! Thanks for taking out time for us. Really Happy to see you on Happify Shop!

We left no stone unturned in terms of bringing out quality products for you. Our team is constantly engaged in product qualification, testing, and in-field application trials.

Happify lets you have access to branded important products at affordable prices without compromising on their quality.

Just like you, happify also likes to keep going with the trend. We are not someone who doesn’t focus on innovation just because we have pilled up stocks. We are always on the hunt to look out for techniques to please our customers.

You might have at least for once have wished to get all the orders from one place right? At happify online shop, we have tried our best to let you order multiple orders at once, pay delivery once and receive them at once as well.

Founder of Happify Shop | trainer 


Kashif khan is a techpreneur, Web Developer, Trainer, & digital marketing expert who works with non-profit, for-profit, SMEs, Academic institutions, and public sector organizations. He has worked with national organizations, and his experience and contributions have impacted young people, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and professionals.

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Our Creative Team

Customization Services

we give our customers the freedom to choose the colors, design, and size they wish to have. Simply let us be aware of your ideal apparel and we will knit it accordingly for you.

Our mission

To benefit the communities by providing the finest products manufactured by high end professionals, and to provide impact-driven trainings in order to bring ease for SME’s.

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