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Happify EShop Private Limited
The Shop of Happiness


Happify Shop is an ecommerce marketplace and ecommerce service provider working primely to empower skilled women of underprivileged areas by providing an authentic platform to uplift their lifestyle and introduce entrepreneurial culture.

We do so by uplifting the products of those women manufacturers who possess fine manufacturing knowledge to produce high-quality and appealing products but not knowing a way to sell them. 

We reach out to them and post their products on our platform which has national and international exposure. This way their products are showcased to a wider audience and they get a profitable margin for the products which they were selling at a below-average price or not making money at all. 

Happify shop is a source of income for such women so they can grow and get set in their entrepreneurship journeys.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the local consumers and the unprivileged people by and providing imported quality products to customers at their doorstep so that they can play their role in uplifting the community suffering from financial disparities.

We are Manufacturers of Handmade Crochet Wearables, and Handmade Embroidered Khussas and have also added Camping Gear and Decor products to our product portfolio to sustain the enterprise. 

We believe in independence, and to pursue this we are providing end-to-end Ecommerce training and services including website development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content writing, and search engine optimization. 

Our training and courses are open to everyone however we are devotedly focusing on directing our services for the benefit of women because we highly believe empowering a woman is equal to empowering a society. 

We have Facilitated 3000+ National Customers and  300+ International customers, Have Received 2900+ Positive reviews, Trained 1000+ Individuals, Engaged 20+ Consultants, Hired 12+ Vendors, Manufactured 120+ Products, and have attained a 92% positive seller rating on Daraz. pk. 

We are registered with SECP- Security Exchange Commission Pakistan and All the transactions and taxation processes are carried out through our official bank accounts. 

We have also been praised by Media and Social Content Creators including Samaa TV, PTV, and 

Khan Cartoon ( A digital Content Creator)

We aim to inspire the world by showing it’s possible to simultaneously deliver happiness to customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and the community in a long-term, sustainable way. 

We are dedicated to helping skilled workers, SMEs and people have an authentic platform where they can get employment opportunities and set their entrepreneurship journeys. We work tirelessly  to develop e-commerce skills in them  and get their hands on a diverse marketplace of quality and affordable products by propagating an essence of cooperation,transformation and  innovation.

Watch How We Empower it all.

Hey! Thanks for taking out time for us. Really Happy to see you on Happify Shop!

We left no stone unturned in terms of bringing out quality products for you. Our team is constantly engaged in product qualification, testing, and in-field application trials.

Happify lets you have access to branded important products at affordable prices without compromising on their quality.

Just like you, happify also likes to keep going with the trend. We are not someone who doesn’t focus on innovation just because we have pilled up stocks. We are always on the hunt to look out for techniques to please our customers.

You might have at least for once have wished to get all the orders from one place right? At happify online shop, we have tried our best to let you order multiple orders at once, pay delivery once and receive them at once as well.

Founder of Happify Shop | trainer 


Kashif khan is a techpreneur, Web Developer, Trainer, & digital marketing expert who works with non-profit, for-profit, SMEs, Academic institutions, and public sector organizations. He has worked with national organizations, and his experience and contributions have impacted young people, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and professionals.

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Our Creative Team

Customization Services

we give our customers the freedom to choose the colors, design, and size they wish to have. Simply let us be aware of your ideal apparel and we will knit it accordingly for you.

Our mission

To benefit the communities by providing the finest products manufactured by high end professionals, and to provide impact-driven trainings in order to bring ease for SME’s.

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