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Portable Emergency First Aid kit- 20 in 1 Medical equipment


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  1. Mini Scissor
  2. A Tweezer
  3. Triangular Bandage
  4. Elastic Bandage
  5. Adhesive plastic
  6. Safety pins
  7. Plain Bandage
  8. Sterile gauze pads
  9. Alcohol pads
  10. Dressing for burns
  11. Dressing for wounds
  12. Latex Tourniquet
  13. Anti-septic wet wipes
  14. First Aid blanket
  15. Other Versatile bandages
  16. Burn cream
  17. Triple Antibiotic ointment
  18. Antibiotics
  19. Pain killers
  20. Bag

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Out of stock

Safety comes first! It’s a statement you should always keep in mind wherever you go. Especially when you are on a trip to an area where there are limited facilities. Because in areas like these there are numerous chances of getting hurt and if you are carrying your kids around as well, then you should not ignore the importance of carrying a first aid kit.

Happify online shop on its mission to provide affordable camping accessories, has embraced this Portable emergency first aid kit for you. Because it’s better to get the first aid than last. In this bag there are multiple products available, Amazing all those things that you will need. Besides this first aid kit is not only good for camping but you can keep it at home as well.

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