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Black Color Half Palm Oakley Tactical Bikers Gloves


  • Item name Palm Oakley Tactical Bikers Gloves
  • Durable, Lightweight, Lower Injury Risk, Optimal flexibility
  • Color: black ,brown ,green
  • Design: Fingerless design
  • Material: Hard Plastic Inside for Bones Protection
  • Color: Black, Brown & Green

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These Tactical Bikers Gloves are ideal for army warfare, gaming, hiking, climbing, shooting, hunting, cycling, and a wide range of other activities.

These are professionally stitched, durable and compact material, highly flexible and comfy, and adjustable wrist design creates a sense of cozy and supports while engaging in hiking and biking.

These tactical gloves are made of tough microfiber leather and are also suitable for riding ATVs, dirt bikes, bicycles, and motorcycles. Wear-resistant, slip-resistant, lightweight, and quick-drying
Touchscreen capabilities on a smartphone allow for easy navigation.

The fingerless glove style allows you to execute jobs that require full dexterity with precision and flexibility. Keeps gloves in place and allows for a unique fit. Finger pulls are patented and enable quick and easy glove removal.

This half-finger fitness glove is suitable for mountain climbing, mountain biking, outdoor combat, rock climbing, wilderness self-preservation, and other similar activities.

Note: The actual color of the product might be changed in the picture due to the difference in monitors and the effect of Photographic lighting and filters.

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