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camping alone in a remote desert

Tips On Camping Alone In A Remote Desert

Seeking to Camping alone in a remote desert? These tips can save you the hassle.

An excellent way to enjoy the adventures is through camping. In our vast world, there exists a massive variety of landscapes and climates, each with its challenges and benefits. Planning your next adventure in a desert is a good idea.

Because desert camping can be an unforgettable experience for adventure lovers. To pass days in a warm desert, above the warm, glaring sand and chilly air, and to spend a silent night under the stars looking out at the milky way. In the middle of the desert, live in a tent and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

However, traveling to a dry region with unpredictable high temperatures necessitates a little more planning than usual. Do yourself a favor and read how to survive while camping alone in a remote desert before you hit the road there. The guidance in the following paragraphs should point you in the correct direction to a wonderful trip.

Prepare for Warm and Cool Weather:

The desert’s weather can be lovely during the day, but it significantly changes at night. So decide in advance how you can stay warm in winter. You might also be soaking up the sun during winters because the desert brings a lot of sunshine during this time.

Even while it may get warm throughout the day, the temperatures will drop significantly and may even drop below freezing in the evening, so you’ll also need to be prepared to stay warm.

Bring enough water:

Deserts have been in general dry places. Although, deserts are one of the most beautiful places on Earth you may get a shortage of water. It’s essential to prepare your water stock before traveling to the desert because humans need water to survive.

Before leaving home, you should confirm that there is water available if you intend to camp there. You should use a camouflage water bladder backpack for this purpose because it can store fresh water for a long time.

Ensure Comfortable Sleep:

The desert’s temperature drops at night. Therefore, a nice sleeping bag and camp blanket are essential to ensure your comfort throughout the chilly desert nights. A camp blanket can be used as an additional covering when sleeping as well as for sitting by the fire. 

We also enjoy using a tent heater to warm the tent up before we go to sleep on particularly chilly or windy nights. If you frequently experience nighttime chilly, sleep in a form-fitting underlayer. It’s a good idea to have a wind protection strategy as well.

Find Yourself a Best Tent:

In the desert there is everywhere sand, it can be a lot finer and dustier, due to wind it’ll get everywhere. So when going camping in the Deserts, you have to find the best tent for desert camping.

The best tents for desert camping have quality great ventilation, and mesh doors to keep you cool and reduce the heat inside the tent during the daytime.

Have a glance at our tents Dome Design 3-Person Camping Tent and 6-Person Nylon Camping Tent are both heat-resistant and water-resistant. They are coated with the polyester sheet to keep you safe from the UV-rays and the grains of the sands.

Know where to set the tent?

For shade and wind protection, a lightweight canopy or tent is ideal for a desert campground.  Observe the surroundings while choosing a location for your tent so long as it keeps you dry and safe. 

Select the high area for the camping to enjoy the views of the sky and the surroundings. During the day sun intensity is very high. Try to find a shady place and cover your tent with a material that won’t let the sunlight in as much so it will be the best spot to set your tent there.

Give heed to desert insects:

It’s hot and dry in a desert. Many different and dangerous animals live in the desert. The natural ecosystem that has survived in desert situations is fascinated with everything from mammals to insects, reptiles, birds, and everything in between.

While enjoying camping alone in a remote desert try not to be afraid of these wild animals. Watch out carefully for scorpions, spiders, and poisonous snakes, these animals can harm you.

The possibility of wild animals injuring you should always be a concern, however, this is rarely the case. As a safe side in that case use a piece of clothing or a compression bandage to slow the spread of venom by firmly wrapping the affected area. 

You can also order the First Aid Kit which contains all the necessary equipment that might be used in case of emergency. Don’t forget to use insect repellent to ward off any buzzing insects that could harm you or even spread disease.

Choose the route:

There is a danger of getting lost in the desert because it is such a big area covered in sand with desert shrubs, no signs, and poor roads. One of your mistakes could result in serious trouble. 

Knowing your route thoroughly before you set out on your journey will help you avoid getting lost in the desert. Before you go camping, grab a map, and a compass, and thoroughly plan your route. 

What to bring while camping alone in a remote desert?

Map and compass:

Perhaps you often use the GPS on your smartphone for navigating, but keep in mind that cell coverage might not be available in the middle of the desert. As a result, always have a backup plan on hand, such as a physical map and compass that can guide you to your location.

Trekking poles:

Trekking poles are ideal for pushing shrubs and branches out of the way around camp as well as for use when exploring. Get the Adjustable Aluminum Trekking poles from Happifyshop, which are made with high-quality and sustainable material.  It will help to reach into cacti to remove cans and rubbish.

Wear appropriate shoes:

Desert animals like scorpions and snakes are common in the area.  Remember to bring boots or shoes that will protect you from the terrain’s sharp thorns and cacti.  Always bring a nice pair of hiking boots like Leather Trekking Army Delta Shoes which gives extra protection from the desert insects.

Final Verdict:

For outdoor adventurers, camping in the desert is a completely new experience. The desert is stunningly magnificent, A sea of shimmering dunes that seem to have no start and an end. Besides this, sometimes it is a sometimes harsh landscape, lack of water, and possibly dry conditions, a harsh environment that should not be taken lightly. Before traveling, you should think and plan for the things listed in this article.  Being careless could result in you getting sick, hurt, or even worse.

As long as precautions are made to prepare for living in this dangerous environment, the desert may be a terrific area to explore. So planning for your next adventure trip to the desert make sure you have the right knowledge and tools which is necessary for Camping alone in the desert. Happifyshop offers multi-camping gear products that will surely make your camping experience comfortable and memorable.

Going camping in the desert is one of those things you have to do on your own, just like your first time seeing the ocean. What we have added here is not a comprehensive list, but it will keep you safe and have fun on your desert try.