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Hiking Tent Price in Pakistan

What’s the Best Hiking Tent Price in Pakistan and Where you can find them?

This article is all about knowing the Best Hiking Tent Price in Pakistan and how the prices fluctuate with the tent type and features.

In today’s technological world where everyone is busy with work, smartphones, smart cars, and smart everything. This causes all humans to be distracted from the natural world. Camping and hiking are the best forms of therapy in this situation.

Trekking and spending the night outside under a starry sky can make the outdoors unpredictable, so before setting out on an expedition, be sure to trust your camping equipment to support you completely.

Purchase a tent? Hmm, that screams buying a second property. Maybe we don’t have enough money to buy tents. However, we are aware that we spend additional money on equipment when camping and trekking.

You can buy a variety of tents in Pakistan, each with a different price range. Know their types and prices to get a better sense of which one to choose for your budget.

Selecting a tent is never an easy task, and choosing a hiking tent is always. We’ve provided a list of factors that can assist you in selecting the ideal hiking tent for your vacation needs, such as the number of people it can accommodate and its price.

Types of Hiking tents- Best Hiking Tent Price in Pakistan

Since no hiking tent now on the market is the best in every category, no hiking tent is ideal for everyone. Consider where your tent will take you and the type of weather you’ll encounter, and let the correct tent assist you in getting outside.

While arranging the trip first you have to know how many people are going and how you can accommodate them in tents. Not just selecting the tent according to the people important but also it is necessary to select the appropriate fabric and prices for the tent. Tents include 6 people, 4 people,3 people  2 people, and a family tent.

6-person Camping/Hiking tents:

If you are planning for a trip in which you have 6-12 people then 6 Person Nylon Camping Tent is perfectly suitable for you. From Happifyshop you can easily get it on your doorsteps.

Tents come in different sizes and shapes at different prices. Double layered, and parachute types tents relatively range from 4000pkr-7000pkr due to their features. 

Most people’s choice about the tent is to have a tent that is light in weight, has a proper shelter, and is perfectly suitable in all seasons. 

As they are made from high-quality Nylon material, these tents have a good tendency to be waterproof and heatproof. 

Mostly tents for 6 persons come with different features as compared to others. It’s price ranges from the 5ooo pkr-6000 pkr

4-Person Camping/Hiking tents:

For a 4-person tent, it is important to have enough space that everyone can easily adjust to it. Moreover, it should have a proper entrance and setting area.

For sleeping, there should be comfort anew in it. Typically these tents include double-layered that protect fully from the UV rays and hazardous. That’s these tent’s price is relatively high.

These tents are perfect for all seasons and good for those friends and family members who frequently made trips.

The prices for the 4-person tents in Pakistan are varies. The lowest price for 4-person tents is 2,699. While the tents which give extra waterproof protection and are made of high-quality polyester material are relatively high in price which is approximately 6,000.

3-Person Camping/Hiking tents:

Have a wonderful trip and also have a comfortable tent to sleep well so that you have to tent that is most comfortable and adjustable for you.

Have a trip of 3 friends to select a tent that should have substantial snow loads. It needs strong poles to stand properly even in winds. It comes with a reasonable price of approximately about 4,000-16,000 depending on its feature.

Moreover, 3-person tents include mesh net doors and a parachute groundsheet for sitting and enjoying tea or coffee that’s why its prices have different ranges. These tents should be Anti-protection from the UV rays and rain. 

2-Person Camping/ Hiking tents:

Setting up the tent by itself is the easiest and funniest part of the trip. During camping, it is mandatory to think and select a tent that is easy to install. And have a tent in which to have plenty of sleep.

These  2 Person Parachute Camping Tents will take less time to install and easily pack up. It has an automatic advance opening and can easily shrink. And it comes at the lowest price in Pakistan.

For a better experience of camping, it can be the best choice for couples as well. There are two doors one is of the net that protects from the mosquitoes and another is the main door.

Additionally, some people adore hunting and are constantly prepared to go hunting. So they need a tent which is camouflage and better for them and has protection from the dangers of animals. .

What to look inside the best Hiking Tent?

While evaluating tent prices you have to consider the more advantages of a tent that should be environmentally friendly and has many features in it.

Tent material

When choosing a tent, the first choice is the material according to your trip. Whether it is Nylon, Oxford. You must consider that selecting the best material decreases the risk of leakage or damage.


To protect from the rain and leakage, tents have another covering of polyester that keep the tent safe from water going inside and easily dry. A tent that has features water-resistant is best for your camping.

Tent Doors

Doors for tents might be one or two. There are tents with additional doors, of course, but they are less frequently used. In the summer, the increased comfort provided by tents with two entrances makes them the preferred option over versions with a single entrance. If you’re going with your family, choose a tent with multiple doors.

Tent Poles

It is important to have sturdy poles that can sustain the tent and keep you cozy while traveling. That’s why when selecting the tent you must care about the poles that should be easy and automatic setting. Compared to fiberglass, aluminum poles are more robust and long-lasting.

The National Geographic Tent, is available at Happifyshop for a very affordable price and has wonderful characteristics . With its lowest price, it provides the finest heat and water resistance.

Wrapping it Up!

Going camping and seeing beautiful nature, exploring the world, fishing, taking in the scenery, and sleeping under the stars. It will undoubtedly alter one’s mindset, and it is, according to psychology, the best therapy for coming out and exploring. 

To make a camping experience better you have to think about the tents. As tents are the most important gear for camping and hiking. Selecting the right material and the right tents will enhance the enjoyment of the trip.

If you get a water-resistant, tear-resistant, and high-quality material tent so it will be the real charm of your trip. You can easily get all types of tents from Happifyshop at the best Hiking tent price in Pakistan.

 It includes 6,4, 3 and 2-person tents that are perfectly suitable for families as well for couples. As they are made from high-quality Nylon and oxford material so can easily carry while hiking and camping. 

When looking for hostels, cheap can be the operative word, but not when looking for hiking tents. Hope by reading this blog will make it easy to identify and select a tent according to your need.