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Lid Open Wire Pull Color smoke Bomb – 1 minute lasting time

  • Item name: Wire Pull Color smoke Bomb
  • Item Type: Birthday celebration 
  • Quality: High-Quality 
  • Size:  5 inches
  • Smoke Time: 1-minute lasting time
  • Colors: Orange, yellow, green, blue, red
  • Storage: Keep it in moisture, Avoid heat, sun, extrusion
  • Usage: Photography Effects, Wedding Celebrations & Party Décor, engagement and birthday celebrations.

650 850

Use our Wire Pull Color smoke Bomb to make your events photographs amazing and special. These vibrant smokes produce a unique photographic effect that can easily create spectacular images and video backgrounds. 

Positions usage: It is also quite simple and has a number of uses. You might also keep on the ground and let the smoke surround you. The blowing smoke adds an atheistic touch to photographs or videos. Put another way, you can hold it in your palm and move. Just open the lid and the color flare will start to flow

Availability: Five colors are offered Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Pink.

Health advantages: It has no adverse effects on health. The organic dye is the main component of colored smoke. This particular color of smoke bomb is completely non-toxic and safe to use on hands. A great non-toxic substance that never endangers the respiratory system. It also doesn’t have any stains at all.

Uses: They are frequently used for digital photography and video production, as well as for digital photography and videography for sports teams, birthday celebrations, baby showers, children, pets, and still-life photography.


You might find the actual color of the product delivered slightly different from what is shown in the pictures because there is a possible difference between screens due to the impact of photographic lighting and filters.


orange, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow