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10 beautiful places in Pakistan

Find the Beautiful Places in Pakistan that you can visit now

Earth is a fantastic place that is full of fascinating places that you can not believe exist real on the Erath.  Pakistan is a country blessed with Natural beauty, mind-blowing, and other breathtaking locales.

Pakistan has amazing Dalek desert vistas, luscious green plains and mountains, hidden villages, and breathtaking peaks in rock layers.

Pakistan opens the doors for all travels around the world. When scheduling your tour, simply pick a spot on your list of places to visit. 

12 beautiful places in Pakistan to Visit now:

 Ranging from rugged mountain passes and dreamlike lakes to elegant mosques and historic fortresses, and hidden villages you will love to visit. 

1. Kalash Valleys

The Kalash Valleys are also named s the Kalasha Valleys. One can easily reach Kalash by the flight from Islamabad to Chitral and then take a taxi to Kalash valley. The Kalash valleys are scenic, with green and yellow fields and a large lush green grassland.

 The walnut and apricot trees simply add to the valley’s tourism appeal. The native Kalash communities have not changed their traditions and are proud to display their way of life. Their outfits are distinctive, as is their manner of life.

There are 3 most magnificent valleys in Kalash you must see them.

2: Bamurate valley

This is the main and largest Kalash valley, it takes around 2 hours by jeep from Ayun Village or 3.5 hours from Chitral. As the valley opens out, you’ll be welcomed to a breathtaking panorama, complete with a river on one side and beautiful green fields, high mountains, and trees on the other.

There is a unique museum dedicated to Kalash culture. It has a temple and a historic cemetery worth visiting. There are also gift shops selling really beautiful and colorful crafted handicrafts at very affordable costs.

3. Nelum valley

Kashmir, often known as “heaven on earth,” has plenty to offer at all times of the year. The most picturesque spot in Azad Kashmir is Neelym Valley, which is about 100 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowing streams, nestled between 13,000-foot peaks. 

The Neelum Valley is one of Azad Kashmir’s most beautiful places in Pakistan., called after a river with snake-like bends and blue color.  Its beauty increase with its snow-capped Alps and the fast-flowing Neelum River. Fresh-water- rivers, gem streams, and gorgeous woodlands can all be found here.

4. Lake Saiful Muluk

This stunning blue lake is located in the northern portion of the Kaghan Valley and is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks all year, making it one of the most Eye-catching- catching spots in the country.

At a reasonable price, horseback riding and boat are also offered for a short tour around the lake. When there is ice, you can also go ice sliding, which is a fun and relaxing activity. The finest vehicles to utilize are Jeeps or motorcycles, which will take you to Saiful Lake roughly 41 minutes from Naran Valley.

5. Malam Jabba

Malama Jabba is a beautiful, snow-covered, mesmerizing area located about 5 hours from Islamabad. Along with its scenic scenery, Malam Jabba is known for having Pakistan’s longest ski resort. It’s a top-notch ski destination with Zipline, Chairlift, and excellent terrain for skiing.

In the winter, adventure activities are popular, thus Malam Jabba is the first stop. For your winter trip, you can get 8 Teeth Strong and Firm Snow Crampons from Happifyshop at a reasonable price. A five-star hotel has been built to accommodate travelers, so you can stay there and enjoy your winter vacations.

6.  Attabad Lake

Pakistan’s natural beauty is reflected in its lakes, which are clean and fresh blue. In Pakistan, Attabad Lake is a gorgeous blue lake. It’s near the Gojal Valley in Gilgit Baltistan.  It was formed after Attabad Village was demolished by a big landslide in the vicinity. 

This lake is brimming with icy blue water from neighboring glaciers and the Hunza River. Near the lake, several guesthouses and hotels are built with modesty. moreover, Jet skiing, fishing, boating, and a variety of other leisure activities are available to visitors.

7. Rakaposhi

There’s nothing quite like a mountain trip surrounded by nature’s behemoths. If you’re looking for adventure, don’t overlook Pakistan’s breathtaking mountains. The Rakaposhi is a 7,788-meter-high peak in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Nagar Baltistan’s Valley, part of the Karakoram mountain range.

 From Hunza Valley, you can see its magnificent snow wall. Rakaposhi and Dumani (“Mother of Mist”) are the world’s 27th and 12th highest mountains, respectively. The best time to stroll Rakaposhi is between May and October.

How to get to Minapin?

Take a public van from Gilgit’s north bus terminal to Minapin. The travel would take about 2 hours and will cost around 200 PKR. There is no waiting space or seating at the bus stop, therefore it isn’t much of a bus stop.

What to Bring for Rakaposhi Hiking?

Having a strong plan and the right equipment is vital when it comes to hiking.

You will need Good Sturdy Shoes, Shock Resistant Halin Trekking Pole, and Camping Tent for your hike to Rkaposi, which you can simply obtain from Happifyshop at your doorstep.

9. Badshahi mosque

The Badshahi mosque is one of the few prominent architectural structures built during Emperor Aurangzeb’s reign (1658-1707). It is the most historically significant location on the planet which reflects the feelings of past Muslims and their triumph. 

 It was built just across from the Lahore Fort, demonstrating its significance to the Mughal Empire. The mosque was built to convey boldness, immensity, and majesty. The mosque’s embellishments show Indo-Greek and Central Asian architectural influences. 

10. Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is Pakistan’s largest mosque and the world’s fourth-largest mosque. It was created by famed Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay and It is named after Saudi King Faisal who funded its construction.

The mosque is one of the most spectacular pieces of classic Islamic architecture, inspired by a Bedouin tent. It is situated against the scenic background of the Margalla Hills on a high plot of land. This advantageous location emphasizes the mosque’s prominence by allowing it to be visible from miles away every time.

11. Khunjerab Pass

The Khunjerab Pass is the world’s highest border. It connects China’s Xinjiang province to Pakistan. It is a mark of China and Pakistan’s everlasting friendship. Khunjerab Pass, at an elevation of 4.706 meters is an international high mountain pass on Pakistan’s northern border with China.

It is a popular tourist destination. Many people come to see the route, which is surrounded by jagged peaks and verdant plains, throughout the year. You can use the bus, however, it is preferable to rent a car. 

12. Astola island

Pakistan also has magnificent islands, beautiful valleys, breathtaking mountains, and clear lakes. Astola is one of Pakistan’s largest islands. It is a small, lonely Pakistani island 25 kilometers off the coast of Pakistan.

It is approximately 6.7 km long, 2.3 km wide, and covers an area of around 6.7 km2. The journey to the island takes roughly 5 hours. At Pasni, there are motorized boats that will take you to the island.

Final words on the Beautiful places in Pakistan:

Whether you want to learn about fascinating old history, spend time in nature, or immerse yourself in a completely distinct culture, Pakistan has it all.  Pakistan offers it all. Simply chose where you wish to go in Pakistan and prepare to discover the natural wonders comfortably with camping gear by visiting Happifyshop.