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what to wear on hike and still look cute

Know What to wear on hike and still look cute

Hiking is a great and fun-filled outdoor activity. It not only gives mental peace but also is a great opportunity to spend some time with nature while having friends and family by your side.

Hiking has a variety of health benefits, including weight loss. Hiking has a variety of health advantages, including weight loss and stress reduction.

But before hitting the trail planning of the trip is utmost.  The planning should include the knowledge of the trail, location, its duration, forecast, and most importantly what to wear on hike and still look cute

I have observed many times the people that who are going on hiking do not wear the correct clothes. The selection of the right clothes will keep you comfortable and protected. 

But what to wear on hike and still look cute?

In order to enjoy your trip more, here are some suggestions

1)Select Comfortable pants & leggings over shorts

The selection of pants depends on the climate and as well as what type of fabric best fits your needs? Avoid wearing jeans as it will be too warm in hot weather. It cannot opt-in cold weather as it retains moisture.

Always go for flexible(adaptable) pants. Focus on the durability, comfort, and fitting of the pants. The fabric of the pants should be elastic and skin-friendly to avoid skin rashes. Select pants over shorts to cover your legs from sunlight.

2) Selection of Tops is weather dependent :

Check the weather prediction for the day of your hike, as well as the day before and 48 hours afterward, before deciding on your outfit. What kind of clothing to wear depends on the hiking season you’ve chosen.
Winters Long sleeve shirt or T-shirt
Spring/fall Long-sleeve shirt or T-shirt
Summer Tank top, base layer 

Remember that this is an important element in answering your question of what to wear on hike and still look cute

3)Hiking shoes :

The aim of the hiking shoes is to provide comfort to the hikers and offer good protection to human feet against harsh conditions such as bruising and abrasion from rough, slippery, and muddy landscapes. It’s a pro tip on what to wear on a hike and still look cute

You can purchase 8 teeth strong and firm snow crampons from happify shop. It can be fitted with sneakers, boots, and other casual shoes. The material of the shoe is durable, non-slippery, and secure around the shoe.

4) Must Carry Raincoat:

It is a must-carry thing for hiking as the clouds can rain down at any time. The raincoat is the outer shell that repels water-usually a fabric or plastic with a waterproof coating. By shielding your garments from the elements, a raincoat can help them last longer.

The happify shop offers sleek and stylish conjoined reusable raincoats. When you wear it on a hike, its hooded shape, and lightweight material will make you appear cute. It is particularly resistant to wind and dust, in addition to rain.

5) Protection from the sun:

As the hiking is planned during the day, everyone should have protective gear to have protection from the sun. Each member of the team should have a bucket cap with them; it will provide protection from sunlight.

You can purchase beautifully designed military bucket caps from a happify shop at a reasonable price. It’s beautifully designed in a camouflage pattern on cotton fabric in hat style. Moreover, you can keep a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from sunlight. 

6)Sun Glasses are protective gear:

Hiking is an outdoor activity and is mostly carried out in sunny weather.  When hiking, you will be exposed to bright and high radiations of sunlight. In order to prevent your eyes from harmful rays and other common eye illnesses, you need a pair of glasses.

The sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the shimmer of sunlight but also from the dust and winds. Purchase the glasses that are marketed as 100% UV protection and have high polarization.

7)Socks :
Many people may wonder why we have included socks under this list, which are uninteresting and frequently smelly garments. It’s honestly not that difficult. A mundane sock may make or break a hike. 

Socks do not help you with wearing your boots safely without feeling irritation, some good quality socks are also good at moisture wicking and come with pads that push you to walk for longer.

To begin with, hiking in the wrong kind of sock will almost certainly result in your hiking nemesis, and blisters. Second, a special hiking sock prevents stinky feet, which is a common hiking annoyance, especially in hot weather. Finally, but certainly not least, hiking socks give foot comfort and padding throughout long hikes.

Final words on what to wear on a hike and still look cute 

Hikers must assert that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing when hiking. The dos and don’ts of hiking clothing were explored in this article. Here are some suggestions to improve your attitude regarding hiking clothing.

Things to avoid wearing on hikes:
Here are a few more hiking tips and tricks that should be taken care of while planning the hiking. Avoid wearing

  1. Denim 
  2. Cotton 
  3. Silk  
  4. Flimsy shoes 
  5. Stiff or thin fabric  
  6. Bunchy or bulky pants 
  7. Avoid one layer

Enfolding it!
I know that I have bombarded you with so much information that you may not have retained all of it, which is completely understandable, but I would urge you to visit the happify shop and get the products before they sell out.