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Hiking Tips and Tricks

10 Must Know Hiking Tips and Tricks- Complete Hiking Guide

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is busy in their lives and most people are working remotely, outdoor activities are restricted, affecting the health and physique of the individuals. 

Recent research has shown that most people are suffering from depression and anxiety which can be overcome if they plan outdoor activities. 

One of the best and most thrilling outdoor activities is hiking. It can be planned with friends or family or with your teammates as a recreational activity.

To plan out your trip you must have some knowledge about it. Here are some hiking tips and tricks which will help you to feel safe and make the most of your hiking, do incorporate them into your trip.

Top 10 Best Hiking Tips and Tricks to make the most out of your Trips: 

hiking tips and tricks
10 Must Know Hiking Tips and Tricks- Complete Hiking Guide 1

1)Tryout your shoes and pack:

Before you plan out your hiking trip, test drives your shoes and pack. Shoes are the most important item in hiking. Before purchasing, do a survey about the best hiking shoes on the internet and purchase according to the ratings of the brand.

The backpack should carry the required stuff for hiking. The material of the backpack should be durable and waterproof to avoid any inconvenience. Happifyshop offers a super-strong Blackhawk  S.T.R.I.K.E cyclone backpack with a rubber drag handle.

2)Cell phone is the best backup gear: 

Smartphones are the best backup gear. It can be used as a multi-gear as it has multiple features such as a flashlight, GPS files, compass, and camera. The cellular services are not easily available on most of the hiking trails, another issue can be its battery which mostly runs out fast or it can break.

The cellphone should be kept as a subaltern tool, not as a primary one. It should be kept off so that you don’t lose your focus while hiking. It is advised to keep your cell phone on airplane mode so you won’t be bothered by receiving calls and notifications. and this is what makes it an important consideration in the list of hiking tips and tricks

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3) Locating the trail is one of the most important hiking tips and tricks:

The knowledge of the location of trails is extremely important. Before planning your hiking trip know about the trail length, and the time required to complete it. The length and time will help you pack your food accordingly

The internet is full of excellent hiking websites with helpful information that allow you to search the trails near you. Many of them also indicate whether a  path is easy, difficult, or moderate. You might learn how long the trail is, its access, parking information, and more.

4) Tents for comfortable sleep

Hiking is a tough physical activity. You may get tired soon, you need a resting gear where you can rest. The tent should be durable and heat waterproof. Moreover, the material of the cloth should be top quality.

Happifyshop.com offers a wide range of tents that are affordable and of high quality, 3 people’s national geographic camping tents for all seasons can accommodate 3 to 4 persons easily. It is water and heat-resistant and can be used in all seasons.

5) Plan your trip with research :

Before planning your hiking trip do the research about the trail you are going to hit. It is one of the most essential hiking tips and tricks. Nowadays beginner hikers have the advantage of doing research from different sources.

The most easily available in the national geographic adventure website. You can also look for adventure books in libraries and local trail clubs. With little research, you can improve your outdoor skills and enjoy your hiking more.

6) Protection from the sun:

As the hiking is planned during the day, everyone should have protective gear to have protection from the sun. Each member of the team should have a bucket cap with them; it will provide protection from sunlight.

You can purchase beautifully designed military bucket caps from a happify shop at a reasonable price. It’s beautifully designed in a camouflage pattern on cotton fabric in hat style. Moreover, you can keep a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from sunlight.

7) Plenty of food:

 Always pack plenty of food for your hiking trip.  Sufficient food may cause issues as hiking weather can become worse. Extra food can keep you more charged in case you lose your direction on the trail.

Plenty of food will keep you charged and can allow you to get back on the track without feeling starved. Pack high energy-boosting food items like nuts, citrus fruits, juice cans, sandwiches, and ready-to-eat cereals.

8) First Aid tool:

No matter how intense the injury is from minor to more serious ailments a first aid kit is your go-to for reducing the severity of the injury and preventing infection. In most first aid kits you will find the supplies to treat cuts, burns, scrapes, sprains, and many other common ailments.

A very handy and easy-to-carry first aid kit is available at happifyshop.com.The portable emergency first aid kit has 20 pieces of medical equipment in one box. The kit has a wide range of medical equipment.

9) Duration of the trip: 

Before hitting the trail, Ask yourself how much time you want to spend on your hike? You should know the duration of the hiking trail you have selected. By knowing the duration of the trip it will be easy to plan your activities during hiking.

Also, consider How long it takes to get to the trail and how elevation will affect timing. For every 1000 feet of elevation add around an hour to your hiking trip. Keep a track of your trip duration to complete it on time.

10) Why use trekking poles? 

It has been shown that using hiking poles will reduce the accumulated stress on feet, legs, knees, and back by sharing the load more evenly across the whole body. This is especially true  when carrying a heavy pack on your back, Trekking poles can also; 

  • Protect knees, especially when walking down steep hills. 
  • Improve your power and endurance when walking uphill.
  • Aid balance on uneven trails.
  • Improve posture, making walkers more upright as they walk and in turn, this can help to breathe.
  • Increase speed, especially going downhill.
  • Provide extra stability.
  • Reduce fatigue and improve endurance.
  • Burn more calories by providing an upper body workout as well as a legs workout.
  • Strengthen muscles that support the spine.
  • Build muscles in the arms, shoulders, and neck 

Shock-resistant Halin trekking pole -hiking stick is available on happify shop which is adjustable to four sections and is portable.

Hiking Tips and Tricks that you might find helpful: 

The hiking trail mostly requires comfortable shoes, water, adequate snacks, and a hiking buddy. However, here are a few final tips to keep in mind:

  • Let someone know of your hiking plans
  • Only take what’s necessary for a safe, enjoyable hike to avoid carrying too much weight
  • Always bring enough water
  • Choose a trail you can handle and give yourself time to build up to more difficult levels
  • Hike with a companion
  • Bring your cell phone in case of an emergency, but turn it off when you are not using it to conserve battery
  • Always stay on the designated trail
  • Stretch your body for five minutes before a hike

Wrapping it Up!

I know that I have stuffed you with so much information that all of it might not have been retained by you which is totally understandable, but I would encourage you to go visit the happify shop and get your hands on the products before they are out of stock.